• “The mind is a question, the heart is the answer, the body is the physical reality and human consciousness is an experience."

  • "Only a few would dare transform the thoughts of energies into matters of reality."

  • “A few things may not be possible, but many things are possible. Never close the door of possibility.”

The Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) is a multi-national, registered charitable organisation that is dedicated to studying and researching the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, and its extent, including its relationship with the external world. This is achieved not only through rational philosophical enquiry, but also by observing and interviewing individuals attaining transformation or raising self-awareness through personal inquiry and experiences, whether it is self-scrutiny or self-silent-pondering and reviewing through various disciplines of philosophy including epistemology, phenomenology and ontology.


CCA is committed to helping individuals through practical philosophical training programmes to build their own knowledge and confidence and assist them to develop their structural and rational consciousness, parallel to achieving heart-based conscious experiences. This is so that individuals can achieve a balanced approach towards understanding the external world and experiencing their intuiting consciousness for their overall wellbeing and progress. This will naturally contribute to the development of humanity, and of the collective consciousness, helping humanity to become more consciously aware of our universe, the meaning of life and the purpose of the questioning mind.


Benefits to individuals of raising their conscious awareness:

  • Greater empathy towards other humans, plants, trees and animals

  • Complements to health

  • Development of individual consciousness, which in turn adds to personal growth

  • Development of inner sense and intuitive faculty

  • Ability to see things from a different perspective and then choose what is significant to individual growth and expansion

  • Improved ability to apply both rational and emotional consciousness, to build greater creative imagination, to help find new inspired answers and solutions



What is positive, what role does it have to play in life, how and why?
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 unique gathering took place on Sunday 7 May at a hotel in the suburbs of Birmingham. Like all families there were people of all ages, professions, shapes and colours, people who loved
Presentation on Wills & Trusts
CCA Event - Presentation on Wills & Trusts Saturday 6 June 2015 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm    
Srinivas Arka's New Year message
At the completion of each orbit of the earth around the sun; from any given point of time, we celebrate individually and collectively, the events we found significant. Here it is, the
Seminar Date: 27th September 2014 Time: 18.00 - 22.00 Venue: Solihull Womens Institute, 745 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3DG                   
Monthly Event News: 7 Aug 2014
Educational. Entertaining, Enlightening This month’s CCA event encapsulated all three of our fundamental aims.We were joined by Mr Mehul Shah who spoke to us about how Chi Kri yoga ca
Talk by Founder: 20 Jul 2014
Highlights of the Event On Sunday 20th July 2014 Srinivas Arka gave a talk at the W.I. Hall in Solihull which was entitled “Reflection of Environment upon us” and the event was well
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A Comedy of Wills The CCA Event on Thursday 5th June 2014 was a spectacular night filled with lots of engagement, laughs and knowledge. The evening started off with our guest speaker,
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CCA Monthly Event The 'Raising Conscious Awareness' event on 1st May 2014 was one that enabled us to develop our understanding about our true selves as well as respecting and understand
Monthly Event News: 3 Apr 2014
CCA Monthly Event Introduction The event started with a brief introduction of what the Centre for Conscious Awareness is and the purpose of the monthly events, which comprises arts, ed
Monthly Event News: 9 Jan 2014
The Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) held its first monthly event "Raising Conscious Awareness" in London. It was an inspiring evening consisting of Artistic Talent Performance and
Meet and Greet: 27 Oct 2013
An event of celebration and invitation to meet Srinivas Arka, the Founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness UK, on Sunday 27th October 2013, from 1.30pm to 4pm.  At: 745 Warwick Road,
Public Talk and Open Audience
We are very happy to announce our Founder Srinivas Arka is back in the U.K. after inspiring thousands of people in Canada and now will be giving an audience to the members of B
Community Gathering Solihull
Srinivas Arka entered the Lecture Hall at Solihull Women’s Institute on 20th April 2013, the energy changed to becoming  upbeat, enlightening and crystal clear.   Those present took
Community Gathering Dorridge
Why and how to find the Centre of your being: On Sunday the 21st of April 2013 an enthusiastic group welcomed Srinivas Arka to the village hall at Dorridge, Birmingham, England.   Ar
Manchester Vegan Festival - April 2013
On Saturday 13th April 2013, CCA hosted 2 stands at the Vegan festival held in Manchester. Approximately 2000 enthusiastic people attended the festival throughout the day, th
Wolverhampton Vegan Festival 2012
“This event has grown year by year and we found that more people are now looking to inquire into their deeper self. We had 2 stalls set up to raise funds for the CCA UK by selling vega
Life is Consciousness
Life is consciousness and consciousness is life. Commonly, humans have an extra ability to raise their conscious awareness of their self and the world outside. Awareness is simply acti
CCA Sports
"Firstly CCA promotes and encourages many values, one being to educate people in the effectiveness of natural exercise and meditation in maintaining overall well-being and fullness of li
New Office - Dudley
On Sunday 24th October I attended the opening of the new offices of Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) in Dudley, West Midlands. The event was well attended, with visitors from around
Preston Conference
On 17th July, Srinivas Arka held a conference on personal growth and self development in Preston. It was a windy afternoon but the atmosphere was cosy with a very welcoming audience. The
Bird Sanctuary
On the 27th September we invited everybody from all around the world to plant trees and participate in helping the environment. Tree planting helps to offset CO2 emissions, and also prov