Srinivas Arka's New Year message

At the completion of each orbit of the earth around the sun; from any given point of time, we celebrate individually and collectively, the events we found significant.

Here it is, the first of January 2015 has arrived as the main title of the new chapter in everyone’s book of life. Now it is our time to become more focused on what and how we think, speak, write and react to the world.

Let us draw some inspiration from the year that has just passed us. Resolutions are always good to make, however much they seem remote from reality. Good thoughts always return to us with new positive additions.

May we say good-bye to the year 2014 with gratitude and respect for whatever it bestowed on us as humanity. In the life of nature and the earth may we always remain sincere learners, receptive to new experience as human consciousness makes a shift to another level. Before we plunge into the physical action of executing our ideas, it is always better to contemplate in a meditative state, as intuition raises our conscious awareness as joined forces with our intelligence.

Without it we will not be able to further our constructive work, the level of knowledge and experience we have gained.


Srinivas Arka