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What is positive, what role does it have to play in life, how and why?

This event held on 15th May 2017 which was attended many newcomers . Srinivas Arka was very generous with his valuable time and spoke for over an hour in addition to providing an opportunity for the audience to speak to him in confidence. The talk was about spirituality, which he defined as something essential to our being, our essence. It is not related to any religion and it issues an open invitation to everyone to explore it. He described how you have complete freedom to do or be anything you want to, because you have the control of deciding where you would like to project your 'I'-ness. If you wanted an entirely physical existence or a heart based life or anything, it is your choice. How you choose to project your consciousness becomes your destiny, your path; it is ultimately what you become, how you envisioned yourself. It was a powerful and effective statement.

He said we can spend a lot of time in activities that are simply time consuming and not enriching our lives. Then when we evaluate this, we realise we are living quantitatively which is contrary to our essence which is qualitative. He explained how many functions of the body are not in our total control because nature is really like a mother, leaving us to enjoy or explore how we want, while it does all the hard work. Thanks to nature, the body functions with utmost precision. He explained that nature is not just plants, trees, birds and landscapes but a massive being that is more real than we are and we exist inside nature. Amazing isn't it? How with our limited powers of perception, we make incorrect judgments about nature but it has abundant knowledge and has engineered 3 everything perfectly. Nature has no limitations and we can feel this when we connect to our inner world. Instead of thinking about what we haven't got or achieved, he said we could think about how much we really deserve and what we are eligible for. How, if we have these qualities, opportunities, good people and success are just waiting to come into our lives. Everything begins from you but the modern world overstimulates the mind and totally occupies it. So we become lost in this age of internet and with endless information at the tips of our fingers. The internet network connections can be compared to the connections in the brain. He mentioned that there is a universe inside you, there 4 must be otherwise we wouldn't be able to recognise it. Just like the universe outside you. How everything starts with positive thoughts, although it is hard to remain in this state because we became disillusioned when things do not happen as we imagined them. Positivity and negativity are like a wave, they are the troughs and crests. For instance, if you are celebrating because something good happened, other people might try and negate that. He said what everyone wants is happiness, but we place too many conditions on being happy. Modern lives are stressful and hectic and this can take away our happiness. Arka mentioned that trying to control the mind just creates more stress. He 5 5 May 2017 5 likened the mind to a torch, which you can put on any object and focus. We cannot even have complete control our own bodies. For instance, when we eat, our food is automatically digested. So in a way, you could say nature is working for us, it is certainly helping us. He said the body contains all subjects you can think of such as engineering, art, physics etc. Arka eloquently elucidated that if you think too much about the future, you miss the present moment then you become anxious and stressed. Sometimes, when faced with making choices, your intuition can be more helpful than just thinking. Arka said the body is always in the present moment but we often live in the past or the future and we love to talk about those tenses. He said the truth is, we exist in the present, breathing is in the present and the body is measuring everything precisely in the present. There are also body truths not only 6 spiritual truths. He mentioned we have to cross examine ourselves and this is where Arka Dhyana comes in. The first necessity for Arka Dhyana is to be comfortable and just to be there, then you can experience timelessness. It was not important the duration of your meditation, just to meditate as long as you want. Even seeing someone else in meditation can have a calming effect on us. This is why there are statues of the meditating Buddha in spas. The one topic everyone is interested in is 'Atma Vidhya', knowledge about the soul. This is what Arjuna asked Krishna for in the epic Bhagavad Gita, once you have gained that knowledge, you do not have to learn anything else again. This knowledge is 'Atma Vidhya'. After gaining this knowledge you feel fulfilled and can connect with many topics. 

There was a very active question and answer session. One question was about how to be more aware of the present rather than thinking about the past too much or worrying about the future. Arka’s response was that at a certain time in life, it was normal to reflect on past events. To become more aware of the present required cultivation over time. His practical suggestion was to be more conscious of breath, but without forcing it. The mind works in a contrary fashion, if you say, ‘I will indulge you for four hours’, it will say ‘I cannot do this’ after a short time and so you must try and get your mind to cooperate with you. He said the body is always in the present so although the mind is reflecting on the past, the breath is from the present moment. So body truth was as much a reality as spiritual reality is. Another question was about how to overcome memories of unpleasant events from the past. These events interfere with enjoying life fully. Arka’s response was encouraging as well as practical. He said the key was timely attention to the problem, to allow the problem to come through. It may need focused attention a few times, but, once it was addressed, it would help it not to become as frequent. The evening ended with a lovely surprise celebration for one of the members of the audience and concluded with singing. So the whole evening was a celebration for the mind, body and spirit.

Highlights of the talk

  • Spirituality is the essence of our being. It is something everyone can relate to but difficult to define. This essence is qualitative.
  • Spirituality is not related to religion. It welcomes everyone to explore it.
  • You have to decide where you want to project your consciousness. You have complete freedom to choose to live a life that is purely physical or a heart-based life, or any other way you choose. Depending on your choice, this will become your destiny, your path and it is what you will become, what you envisioned.
  • Nature is more than the landscape outside. It supplies us with strength and knowledge to do whatever we want. To us it may seem incomprehensible and imperfect but everything is perfectly engineered in nature because it has abundant knowledge.
  • We have many desires but they are fulfilled on the criteria of eligibility and deservedness. If you have these, good people and success will come to you.
  • There is a universe within you just as there is a universe outside you. When you close your eyes and go deep inside, you can connect with it.
  • Everything begins with positive thoughts although it is difficult to remain in this state, because negativity and positivity are like a wave, there are troughs and crests.
  • If you think too much about the past or the future, you miss the present moment. This can create stress and anxiety. This can take away your happiness.
How to achieve greatness and how to make it compliment our progress? 07 May 2017

 unique gathering took place on Sunday 7 May at a hotel in the suburbs of Birmingham. Like all families there were people of all ages, professions, shapes and colours, people who loved each other and people who could just be politely civil. People who came from down the road and people who came from far. You might be thinking 'That sounds like my family!' and you might be wondering what was so unique about this gathering.

All social events have a purpose and the purpose and motivation of these people was what made it different. What we all seek for is answers to the big questions about life, how to find meaning and purpose in life when you are faced with so many problems and contradictions. What could you do to help yourself and perhaps others. If you are lucky, you might find something to help you navigate through the raging torrent of the river of life. Miraculously for this audience and millions of people around the world, there was a safe harbour, they had many stories and experiences of how they had found their tried and tested solution to all these challenges and more. They knew how this had worked for them and it could do the same for others.

The audience comprised of people who wanted to acknowledge the life-changing impact one ‘person had in their personal worlds. They sought further inspiration and a mystical spark to improve their lives and their loved ones even more. They knew It could change the world if they could share this transformation with others.

Srinivas Arka did all that and more for the audience as he has always done. Asking for nothing other than open hearts and ears from his global audiences. Wherever he was invited, he wanted to share something that helped and transformed him and perhaps could help others. He shared his time so generously that many people could have never have guessed how many organisations, charities, foundations and projects for the betterment of people rested with him. Not to mention the international lucky bunch of thousands of people who have the fortuitous opportunity of personally asking him for his help. He was relaxed, in control with a confident approach which only comes when people  know they are the world renowned expert on a subject. Except Srinivas Arka could very humbly be an expert on far too many topics to mention but certainly the metaphysical world of raising consciousness and awareness and the unknown realms of the mind.

He spoke about how the technique for Dhyana (the Sanskrit term for the proper form of meditation) which combines sound, touch and breath. He spoke about each of these starting with sound. How from the sound of someone's voice you could ascertain many things, such as their state of health, emotions and thoughts. He shared an anecdote to illustrate this, once while he was live on a radio interview in Fiji, a caller asked a question and Srinivas Arka knew just from the voice of the caller some aspect of his health. The caller was astonished and asked how Srinivas Arka could know this. 'Sounds told me' was the incredible reply!

He said how on an a subtle level sound exists throughout the cosmos but  it is not registered nor can the human body detect it. Where there are actions, there is sound. Harmonious sounds benefit us. For instance a humming sound can make children sleep. The universe could have existed without sound if that was the way it was intended to be because nothing is impossible for nature. But sound existed to help us, as an aid to be alert in case of any danger and perhaps more importantly, as a form of expression and communication which leads to a feeling of being connected to everyone and things around you, including planets and stars in space.

Because of sound in the form of voice, we have limitless ways to express ourselves. Sound is your own creation he said. If you don't express yourself you become suppressed. How you can redefine yourself and change everything if you desired. Although we have this complete freedom, it comes with responsibility. Because our presence affects so many people around us.

He mentioned light waves are different in nature to sound waves and how light from a star is visible to us because light has traveled from the star to our eyes, this means we are cosmically connected. The body has an amazing system to connect to anything we can imagine.

He touched on how everything is in a cyclical loop, you receive something, you find it beneficial and you share it. The cycle is complete. You have to decide if you want to keep circling around or come to the centre. In Dhyana you are at the centre of your being to experience oneness with your breath. By doing this, you are becoming conscious of your breath so you are the breath and the breath is you. Becoming one with your breath reminds you of your inner body. This brings harmony which means there is no duality, no argument and no debate. He said how if you do something that is beneficial to you, you are rewarded by nature

He mentioned how our internal world is not totally accessible by anyone else because it is a form of data protection, like your own iCloud. The internal world is entirely under our control and we should focus on good things that have happened to us.

Dhyana is a qualitative not quantitative experience because consciousness is qualitative. So the time one spends in Dhyana is less important than the quality of it.

He mentioned a quote from his book, 'Petals of the Heart', which said the greatest challenge was to overcome the conditioning of the mind. He said how we put enormous pressure on ourselves by putting constraints on our behaviour. When there is no conditioning, we all blossom. He mentioned how in big cities, people smile less.

Then he came to the touch aspect of Dhyana and how we use the Chin mudra gesture because it is similar to other universal gestures such as the 'thumbs up' gesture to indicate unity or being in control. Using Chin mudra the mind becomes divided in a positive way and this is Dhyana. This then led to the importance of the focused mind for Dhyana or anything else. How lots of time, we do things or converse in an auto process mode. Then when we really need to focus, we find we close our eyes, this means we are disabling one of the senses. So the whole body is like an instrument to play, so you become one with your breath and cultivate your mind to focus but not forcefully. Understanding your mind is to understand the world. Understanding the mind takes time.

To be happy, we should reduce our desires to the top priorities and then do Dhyana on these to feel fulfilled and to accomplish them as the resources needed to achieve them will come.

People may have arrived tired and weary but they left feeling inspired and energised. 

Presentation on Wills & Trusts

CCA Event - Presentation on Wills & Trusts

Saturday 6 June 2015

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

CCA Event - 6 June 2015  
CCA Event - 6 June 2015  
Srinivas Arka's New Year message

At the completion of each orbit of the earth around the sun; from any given point of time, we celebrate individually and collectively, the events we found significant.

Here it is, the first of January 2015 has arrived as the main title of the new chapter in everyone’s book of life. Now it is our time to become more focused on what and how we think, speak, write and react to the world.

Let us draw some inspiration from the year that has just passed us. Resolutions are always good to make, however much they seem remote from reality. Good thoughts always return to us with new positive additions.

May we say good-bye to the year 2014 with gratitude and respect for whatever it bestowed on us as humanity. In the life of nature and the earth may we always remain sincere learners, receptive to new experience as human consciousness makes a shift to another level. Before we plunge into the physical action of executing our ideas, it is always better to contemplate in a meditative state, as intuition raises our conscious awareness as joined forces with our intelligence.

Without it we will not be able to further our constructive work, the level of knowledge and experience we have gained.


Srinivas Arka



Date: 27th September 2014

Time: 18.00 - 22.00

Venue: Solihull Womens Institute, 745 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3DG 











Monthly Event News: 7 Aug 2014

Educational. Entertaining, Enlightening

This month’s CCA event encapsulated all three of our fundamental aims.
We were joined by Mr Mehul Shah who spoke to us about how Chi Kri yoga can help improve our lives health-wise. He explained and demonstrated exactly how this form of yoga is a combination of spiritual, mental, physical - where all components can work in harmony for us to lead a well-rounded existence. His passion for the subject shone through, so much so that he had us all up on our feet committing to a few simple yoga methods.

Our feeling of wanting to be up on our feet was not short-lived when Riddhika Joshi performed a beautiful vibrant dance.

The evening then graced us with a tabla and harmonium recital that we will not forget. Mr Ramesh Vekaria and Mr Suryakant Varsani shared with us their adoration for music and the core teachings behind the sacred sound of the harmonium and tabla. The performers were adorned with further requests to continue playing while they filled the room with the soothing sounds of both vocal and instruments.

This month we were very lucky to be joined by the founder of the charity, Srinivas Arka, our gift to the evening, filling our hearts with his everlasting words of inspiration. He explained how we all have a purpose on this earth and that we have a duty to evaluate our presence and find our depth and our understanding at the bottom of our feeling heart - this we can find by giving to Nature.

Write-up by Vaishali, London


CCA North London holds an event on the first Thursday of every month with different guest speakers and performers accompanied by light, healthy and delicious bites. CCA gives organisations, businesses and people the platform to shine and share their knowledge and talent with those that attend as well as spreading their word. CCA continues to help and promote the inherent positive potential of others, as well as taking an active part in the community. The event is held at North Harrow Methodist Church, Pinner Road, London, HA2 6EQ and starts at 8 pm. 

Talk by Founder: 20 Jul 2014

Highlights of the Event

On Sunday 20th July 2014 Srinivas Arka gave a talk at the W.I. Hall in Solihull which was entitled “Reflection of Environment upon us” and the event was well attended.

Some key points were that what we say and think is reflected back to us. Nature is watching, observing and reflecting back. When we say good things about others, it is because we recognise that in us. We should learn to discover the unique qualities of others. Also, we cannot understand everything but that should not stop us from learning. In addition, there is magic in humbleness as opposed to ego and thinking that you've achieved so much.

We should allow others to blossom in our presence. It is an honour to do so. We should practise humanity and celebrate every happiness, as without happiness we cannot grow.








Monthly Event News: 5 Jun 2014

A Comedy of Wills

The CCA Event on Thursday 5th June 2014 was a spectacular night filled with lots of engagement, laughs and knowledge. The evening started off with our guest speaker, Mr Shundip Shah, giving a profound talk and presentation on the benefits of having a will. Mr Shah engaged with the entire audience while they all silently listened to his professional expertise and reasoning as to why having a will was so very important. Mr Shah explained the trouble one may face when trying to write their will or be a party to a will, in addition to the benefits of having a will. At the end of the presentation, the audience mirrored Mr Shah’s enthusiasm and asked a variety of questions and posed a number of scenarios one may face. Mr Shah tackled all questions and provided insightful answers to all.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014 CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

The evening then took a funny turn. We were welcomed by comedian and entertainer, Mrs Beena Tanna. The hall was filled with the sound of laughter. Mrs Tanna made a capturing opening and the audience were at their most innocent level while laughing uncontrollably. Mrs Tanna provided upmost entertainment and was delightful follow on from Mr Shah.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014 CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

CCA went on to conclude the evening calmly and peacefully by Mr Dharmesh Kotecha demonstrating an inspired piece of a fine intuitive meditation method, referred to as Arka Dhyana. There was active participation by the entire attendees and the atmosphere was filled with four wonderful sounds which echoed through the hall and the audience. Mr Kotecha enticed all with his peaceful yet powerful demonstration and left an invisible yet positive footprint on all that attended.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

CCA North London holds an event on the first Thursday of every month with different guest speakers and performers accompanied by light, healthy and delicious bites. CCA gives organisations, businesses and people the platform to shine and share their knowledge and talent with those that attend as well as spreading their word. CCA continues to help and promote the inherent positive potential of others, as well as taking an active part in the community. The event is held at North Harrow Methodist Church, Pinner Road, London, HA2 6EQ and starts at 8 pm. 

Monthly Event News: 1 May 2014

CCA Monthly Event

The 'Raising Conscious Awareness' event on 1st May 2014 was one that enabled us to develop our understanding about our true selves as well as respecting and understanding the views of those around us.

We commenced the evening by listening to the thought-provoking recording, “Mind, the thinking entity,” by Srinivas Arka.

“There is no limit for our inner consciousness, for our Self. But we draw our limits with our thinking mind. We create lots of boundaries and barriers artificially with our exaggerated physiological mind and we can become suffocated and trapped in that so much that we halt our growth.

The thinking mind is so powerful. It has tremendous influence on our bodies with its thoughts, as thoughts have energy which can alter the chemistry of our body and can change physiological processes.”

With fresh thoughts in our minds about the potential we as individuals possess, we were ready to begin our debate: ‘The UK should introduce capital punishment’. The attendees of the event opted for whether they were FOR or AGAINST this notion and soon enough the debate was in full swing. We probed the idea about whether justice systems have been established out of a desire for rehabilitation or out of a desire for retribution. The conclusion? Both sides stood unified agreeing that retribution was not the intention and that rehabilitation was the ideal but may not always be realistic; or perhaps a glorified term for a stalemate - agreeing to disagree.


CCA Event: 1 May 2014
Monthly Event News: 3 Apr 2014

CCA Monthly Event


The event started with a brief introduction of what the Centre for Conscious Awareness is and the purpose of the monthly events, which comprises arts, education and meditation; as well as a platform for people to share their talents and skills, giving a chance for people to express themselves and in turn help others to develop.


CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic1 CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic2


Talk on Veganism

Mr Nitin Mehta, founder of the Vegan Society, delivered an insightful talk on the responsibility each of us has to the planet, and how modifying our diet can improve our health as well as have respect for the environment we live in. This talk was followed by a short video about ill-treatment of animals. The talk led to a discussion with Mr Mehta by the audience, whereby they considered the benefits as well as disadvantages of soya in the diet.


CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic3 CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic4


Violin Recital

A beautiful violin recital was presented by Niru and Nish. The songs they played were uplifting and calming.


Dhyana demonstration

Then followed a description of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation, a method comprising the three main elements, breath, touch and sound; and an explanation of its benefits. There was a brief demonstration wherein the audience participated as well.



The evening concluded with a vote of thanks to the presenter and music performers, following which some light refreshments were served.


Monthly Event News: 9 Jan 2014

The Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) held its first monthly event "Raising Conscious Awareness" in London.

It was an inspiring evening consisting of Artistic Talent Performance and Arka Dhyana. The event began with an introduction to the CCA by one of the members, outlining the charity's aims and aspirations, with acknowledgement to those who have contributed to the beginning of these series of events.

This was followed by an introduction to Arka Dhyana, theory and practice conducted by a trustee and member of CCA. This introduction outlined the various stages of Arka Dhyana and the importance of using the sound of our voice, breath and touch while accessing the different energy points in our body through this method. The audience was invited to take part in the demonstration, which made it practical and interactive.

Members of the audience who had already been practising Arka Dhyana gave a few personal accounts of their experiences, and how the process can be used to enhance various aspects of life.

This was followed by a beautiful clarinet recital by Narmathan Rajeswaran, giving the event an artistic and soothing touch. The evening concluded with good wishes and thanks, and the members of the audience left with a content heart.

The CCA shall aim to continue to spread its objectives and practices through these monthly events.
The next event is on the 13th of February.

Meet and Greet: 27 Oct 2013

An event of celebration and invitation to meet Srinivas Arka, the Founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness UK, on

Sunday 27th October 2013, from 1.30pm to 4pm. 

At: 745 Warwick Road, Solihull, B913DG

Parking is at rear.

Dress code: Semi formal

This will be a meet and greet event and a small celebration in advance of the festival of lights (Deepavalee, or Diwali in Hindi)

Brief Agenda of the event:-

Welcome address
Music performance
Light snacks break: 'Meet and greet'
Highlights of Srinivas Arka's recent visit to Canada
Dance performance
Talk on 'Thought and Light' by Srinivas Arka
Sharing words from the audience
Brief Meditation
Group photo

Please feel free to invite your friends and family.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event.


'Lots of ideas surround our head, but at the end of the day you end up doing nothing or only one thing. Ideas are good, but grounding at least one idea as foundation is always better especially when it benefits others.' - Srinivas Arka

Public Talk and Open Audience

We are very happy to announce

our Founder Srinivas Arka is back in the U.K.

after inspiring thousands of people in Canada

and now will be giving an audience to the members of Birmingham.


Topic:  'Progression to Enlightenment'

Date:  15 September 2013    

Time:  4:00 p.m.

Venue:  Marriott Hotel, 12 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B168SJ, West Midlands


CCA Founder Srinivas Arka

Community Gathering Solihull

Srinivas Arka entered the Lecture Hall at Solihull Women’s Institute on 20th April 2013, the energy changed to becoming  upbeat, enlightening and crystal clear.  

Those present took to their chairs eagerly whilst Srinivas Arka spent a few precious moments creating calming silence in the room by doing some Meditation.

When timing was right, Srinivas Arka started the talk based around, ‘Looking after yourself and the importance of making time’. 

Synopsis of the talk

We are so busy achieving in our external world that we forget about our internal world, which is so intrinsically linked to nature. We are so dependent on nature, yet we constantly distance ourselves from nature.

Srinivas Arka went on to share that we are made up of nature, yet still have not grasped how to live with nature. Animals are very much in tune with nature and live and behave according to the laws of nature. Each day we should offer our gratitude to nature. 

Our bodies have been gifted to us and take us all through life from childhood to old age, yet we do not take care of our bodies, we should pay more attention to the body and look after ourselves so as to give more to the world.

Srinivas Arka concluded with explaining that taking some time to practise meditation will assist us to connect and move in harmony with nature, promote peace in the mind and enable the body to rest and heal.

Once the talk concluded we had the opportunity to speak with Srinivas Arka and have the new book autographed by him.

The event and the presence of Srinivas Arka left one feeling, as though long awaited nourishment was provided to one’s spirit and mind. As though at a deep level something positive has been stirred and that which is no longer needed has dissolved. 

Report by Nalini
Red Cross
United Kingdom

Community Gathering Dorridge

Why and how to find the Centre of your being:

On Sunday the 21st of April 2013 an enthusiastic group welcomed Srinivas Arka to the village hall at Dorridge, Birmingham, England.
Arka was visiting the United Kingdom briefly, coinciding with the launch of his eagerly-awaited new book, “Arka Dhyana, Intuitive Meditation.” The beautiful, sunlit venue, situated among trees, lawns and playing fields at the edge of the village was a perfect location for the event.  Arka gave an inspiring and animated talk. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to meet him in person, book signing and delicious food.
The subject of his talk may seem theoretically philosophical to some people, but his style of presenting made the afternoon not just entertaining and educational but left you with real nourishment for your soul.
Srinivas Arka spoke about some of the content of his new book and the ideas behind it. He said that each of us can become aware of our personal inner self not just intellectually or rationally, but also intuitively, through acquiring experiences. We are endowed with the ability to project our will and consciousness either towards the material world or towards the inner world and we have a choice. He expressed that we each have our own, unique centre in everything we think, say, feel and do.
Arka also explained that we gain experiences, even in dreams as powerfully as in the wakeful state without the direct involvement of the senses, and how the mind and senses contribute to this. He talked about the importance of the body, which has its own truth, like spiritual truth. He then gave us an insight into the nineteen touch points of the Intuitive Meditation method and how the mind is drawn to the touch points. This enables body, mind and consciousness to come together and encourages the different aspects of your body to unite.
Srinivas Arka then explained how concentration is the flow of consciousness. It flows into something when you are focused and it returns to you with something new added to your experience. He gave hints on how to do this and the importance of relinquishing the ego to allow consciousness to flow to enable one to achieve more.
All you need to be happy and fulfilled. is food, shelter, health and a passion for living mainly to express your inner nature and talent creatively.
He urged the audience never to go to sleep with doubts but to to clear them up with proper understanding of issues through meditation. This helps to ensure good mental health - do not let doubts multiply like bacteria. He explained that the mind is very subtle and when we think we are paying attention to it, it responds untenably but it behaves productively when you do not place emphasis on it. This is called the Observers Effect. The act of observing something itself causes a change.
Arka discussed what makes us happy and pointed out that people often deny happiness for themselves, waiting to achieve some specific goal, only to realise they had been happier before they made that decision. He remarked how if a wealthy person goes to a poor area, he or she might be surprised to see people enjoying life with less stress, since a materially rich life is not what we need for a happy life.  
As always his talk was very illuminating and intriguing, with tantalising glimpses of things that you need to go and research and experience  for yourself.  His talk covered a range of different topics all related to finding the centre of your being and why you might want to find it, as well as how you would know when you have found it.  This talk was effortless and unrehearsed like all his events. He related some personal anecdotes about his own life to illustrate some points.  He was a sparkling performer who held our attention and as always, we could have stayed and listened to him for much longer.  Even though his time is in great demand, he thanked everybody for coming to listen to him. We felt humbled by his presence and touched that he is so generous in sharing what he knows.
In Arka’s own words, "As there is centrality to everything in the world we do, there is also a central and highly powerful awareness in us. It is our choice whether we want to discover and feel transformation into better beings and thus feel fulfilled and enlightened in our own distinctive ways.”   
Manchester Vegan Festival - April 2013

On Saturday 13th April 2013, CCA hosted 2 stands at the Vegan festival held in Manchester.

Approximately 2000 enthusiastic people attended the festival throughout the day, this was a good opportunity for us to share the aims and objectives of CCA to raise awareness.

A number of people visited the CCA stall through out the day.  Those who could not obtain the literature, still went away reading a quote on the flyer (as below), with smiles and inspired looks.

Overall the day brought team-spirit, joy, enthusiasm and collaboration among the community members in Manchester.


“The people who have accomplished great things in their lives are the ones who spoke less, did more, and turned negative situations into positive gains.”

Quote by: Founder, Srinivas Arka        


From left to right:  Kelly Lall (Volunteer), Surjit Lall (Trustee), Dina Magdani (Volunteer),
Sanjay Magdani (Volunteer) and Nilam Magdani (Volunteer)


Wolverhampton Vegan Festival 2012

“This event has grown year by year and we found that more people are now looking to inquire into their deeper self. We had 2 stalls set up to raise funds for the CCA UK by selling vegan food and drinks as well as literature.

The event was a success and all the members and volunteers had a festive day whilst raising awareness of the organisation.”

Surjit Lall


Life is Consciousness

Life is consciousness and consciousness is life. Commonly, humans have an extra ability to raise their conscious awareness of their self and the world outside. Awareness is simply active consciousness being the externalised effect of consciousness itself. If consciousness is compared to a flower then its awareness is fragrance. Consciousness in a person is established with his presence of some life-response in the body and in being. if like flower. There is no one narrow method or way to raise our conscious awareness but there are myriad ways. It all starts from one’s inner mind and data gathered from the sensations of senses.

First feeling, then thinking and questioning then back to the inner mind for contemplation then return with reflections which is a process of raising conscious awareness. That is why it is named “The Centre for Conscious Awareness”. Everything begins from us and concludes with us. We need to grow more responsibly both empirically and metaphysically, and then we can find answers, more clarity, solutions to global problems and cures to major illnesses.

Many are still living in the poorest of conditions (without shelter, food and drinking water). They cannot afford to visit cities of their own country. We can enjoy wealth meaningfully, when we help those who do not have it. CCA worldwide is committed to helping individuals to become realised of their potential and intuitive abilities. We reflect people with wealth how they are capable of transforming many peoples lives, and those in poverty how they can become resourceful by developing their emotional strength, structural consciousness via constructive discussions, question and answer sessions, self-contemplation and cross examining their approach to life and learn more from sharing our knowledge and experience.

We train people to develop a more positive attitude toward life through interactive sessions. We practically care for the environment by being careful of how we live, how much we consume and its purpose. Our true joyous satisfaction is derived out of serving those in need.

CCA helps individuals and communities to raise conscious awareness about their unique inner nature and to understand how everyone and everything is interconnected. Every individual has the potential to change and transform for the better and contribute more toward collective growth of humanity. With which we will have effective awareness about plants, animals, environment and our precious planet.  It is evolutionary to think We can influence the universe with our thoughts and emotions to reflect upon us with higher knowledge, health and fulfillment.

CCA Sports

"Firstly CCA promotes and encourages many values, one being to educate people in the effectiveness of natural exercise and meditation in maintaining overall well-being and fullness of life as an alternative to remaining predominantly mind-based. Football is widely considered as a form of exercise which is highlighted to maintain and improve fitness levels in individuals as well as marketed by the CCA to develop team work and determination. Also giving time for those who participate to have fun and catch up with friends (as well as making new ones).


Please see a brief synopsis of Sunday's football match…

Does the weather bring out the players?

Certainly did on Sunday 31st July, when the weekly CCA/AMG football event saw its first 7-a-side match take place. The sun was making its presence felt with a slight breeze in tact, making the conditions perfect for a morning football feast!


Kick off commenced at 9.30 with the final whistle blowing at 12 noon – in between these two and a half hours, all players were exercised well and all seeing a lot of the ball, making the event an enjoyable experience with a strong team focus. Goals came at will, some engineered to perfection and others re-writing the definition of the word ‘fluke’!


Along with spreading the word about CCA/AMG to the new faces that came, the impression and enjoyment left will certainly be shared amongst their peers also…..long may it continue.


We hope to see you at our next football every Sunday, Knowle.

New Office - Dudley

On Sunday 24th October I attended the opening of the new offices of Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) in Dudley, West Midlands. The event was well attended, with visitors from around the world, including our chairman and founder, Srinivas Arka... 

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