Details of Past Events
Manchester Vegan Festival - April 2013

On Saturday 13th April 2013, CCA hosted 2 stands at the Vegan festival held in Manchester.

Approximately 2000 enthusiastic people attended the festival throughout the day, this was a good opportunity for us to share the aims and objectives of CCA to raise awareness.

A number of people visited the CCA stall through out the day.  Those who could not obtain the literature, still went away reading a quote on the flyer (as below), with smiles and inspired looks.

Overall the day brought team-spirit, joy, enthusiasm and collaboration among the community members in Manchester.


“The people who have accomplished great things in their lives are the ones who spoke less, did more, and turned negative situations into positive gains.”

Quote by: Founder, Srinivas Arka        


From left to right:  Kelly Lall (Volunteer), Surjit Lall (Trustee), Dina Magdani (Volunteer),
Sanjay Magdani (Volunteer) and Nilam Magdani (Volunteer)