Details of Past Events
Community Gathering Dorridge

Why and how to find the Centre of your being:

On Sunday the 21st of April 2013 an enthusiastic group welcomed Srinivas Arka to the village hall at Dorridge, Birmingham, England.
Arka was visiting the United Kingdom briefly, coinciding with the launch of his eagerly-awaited new book, “Arka Dhyana, Intuitive Meditation.” The beautiful, sunlit venue, situated among trees, lawns and playing fields at the edge of the village was a perfect location for the event.  Arka gave an inspiring and animated talk. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to meet him in person, book signing and delicious food.
The subject of his talk may seem theoretically philosophical to some people, but his style of presenting made the afternoon not just entertaining and educational but left you with real nourishment for your soul.
Srinivas Arka spoke about some of the content of his new book and the ideas behind it. He said that each of us can become aware of our personal inner self not just intellectually or rationally, but also intuitively, through acquiring experiences. We are endowed with the ability to project our will and consciousness either towards the material world or towards the inner world and we have a choice. He expressed that we each have our own, unique centre in everything we think, say, feel and do.
Arka also explained that we gain experiences, even in dreams as powerfully as in the wakeful state without the direct involvement of the senses, and how the mind and senses contribute to this. He talked about the importance of the body, which has its own truth, like spiritual truth. He then gave us an insight into the nineteen touch points of the Intuitive Meditation method and how the mind is drawn to the touch points. This enables body, mind and consciousness to come together and encourages the different aspects of your body to unite.
Srinivas Arka then explained how concentration is the flow of consciousness. It flows into something when you are focused and it returns to you with something new added to your experience. He gave hints on how to do this and the importance of relinquishing the ego to allow consciousness to flow to enable one to achieve more.
All you need to be happy and fulfilled. is food, shelter, health and a passion for living mainly to express your inner nature and talent creatively.
He urged the audience never to go to sleep with doubts but to to clear them up with proper understanding of issues through meditation. This helps to ensure good mental health - do not let doubts multiply like bacteria. He explained that the mind is very subtle and when we think we are paying attention to it, it responds untenably but it behaves productively when you do not place emphasis on it. This is called the Observers Effect. The act of observing something itself causes a change.
Arka discussed what makes us happy and pointed out that people often deny happiness for themselves, waiting to achieve some specific goal, only to realise they had been happier before they made that decision. He remarked how if a wealthy person goes to a poor area, he or she might be surprised to see people enjoying life with less stress, since a materially rich life is not what we need for a happy life.  
As always his talk was very illuminating and intriguing, with tantalising glimpses of things that you need to go and research and experience  for yourself.  His talk covered a range of different topics all related to finding the centre of your being and why you might want to find it, as well as how you would know when you have found it.  This talk was effortless and unrehearsed like all his events. He related some personal anecdotes about his own life to illustrate some points.  He was a sparkling performer who held our attention and as always, we could have stayed and listened to him for much longer.  Even though his time is in great demand, he thanked everybody for coming to listen to him. We felt humbled by his presence and touched that he is so generous in sharing what he knows.
In Arka’s own words, "As there is centrality to everything in the world we do, there is also a central and highly powerful awareness in us. It is our choice whether we want to discover and feel transformation into better beings and thus feel fulfilled and enlightened in our own distinctive ways.”