Details of Past Events
Community Gathering Solihull

Srinivas Arka entered the Lecture Hall at Solihull Women’s Institute on 20th April 2013, the energy changed to becoming  upbeat, enlightening and crystal clear.  

Those present took to their chairs eagerly whilst Srinivas Arka spent a few precious moments creating calming silence in the room by doing some Meditation.

When timing was right, Srinivas Arka started the talk based around, ‘Looking after yourself and the importance of making time’. 

Synopsis of the talk

We are so busy achieving in our external world that we forget about our internal world, which is so intrinsically linked to nature. We are so dependent on nature, yet we constantly distance ourselves from nature.

Srinivas Arka went on to share that we are made up of nature, yet still have not grasped how to live with nature. Animals are very much in tune with nature and live and behave according to the laws of nature. Each day we should offer our gratitude to nature. 

Our bodies have been gifted to us and take us all through life from childhood to old age, yet we do not take care of our bodies, we should pay more attention to the body and look after ourselves so as to give more to the world.

Srinivas Arka concluded with explaining that taking some time to practise meditation will assist us to connect and move in harmony with nature, promote peace in the mind and enable the body to rest and heal.

Once the talk concluded we had the opportunity to speak with Srinivas Arka and have the new book autographed by him.

The event and the presence of Srinivas Arka left one feeling, as though long awaited nourishment was provided to one’s spirit and mind. As though at a deep level something positive has been stirred and that which is no longer needed has dissolved. 

Report by Nalini
Red Cross
United Kingdom