Details of Past Events
What is positive, what role does it have to play in life, how and why?

This event held on 15th May 2017 which was attended many newcomers . Srinivas Arka was very generous with his valuable time and spoke for over an hour in addition to providing an opportunity for the audience to speak to him in confidence. The talk was about spirituality, which he defined as something essential to our being, our essence. It is not related to any religion and it issues an open invitation to everyone to explore it. He described how you have complete freedom to do or be anything you want to, because you have the control of deciding where you would like to project your 'I'-ness. If you wanted an entirely physical existence or a heart based life or anything, it is your choice. How you choose to project your consciousness becomes your destiny, your path; it is ultimately what you become, how you envisioned yourself. It was a powerful and effective statement.

He said we can spend a lot of time in activities that are simply time consuming and not enriching our lives. Then when we evaluate this, we realise we are living quantitatively which is contrary to our essence which is qualitative. He explained how many functions of the body are not in our total control because nature is really like a mother, leaving us to enjoy or explore how we want, while it does all the hard work. Thanks to nature, the body functions with utmost precision. He explained that nature is not just plants, trees, birds and landscapes but a massive being that is more real than we are and we exist inside nature. Amazing isn't it? How with our limited powers of perception, we make incorrect judgments about nature but it has abundant knowledge and has engineered 3 everything perfectly. Nature has no limitations and we can feel this when we connect to our inner world. Instead of thinking about what we haven't got or achieved, he said we could think about how much we really deserve and what we are eligible for. How, if we have these qualities, opportunities, good people and success are just waiting to come into our lives. Everything begins from you but the modern world overstimulates the mind and totally occupies it. So we become lost in this age of internet and with endless information at the tips of our fingers. The internet network connections can be compared to the connections in the brain. He mentioned that there is a universe inside you, there 4 must be otherwise we wouldn't be able to recognise it. Just like the universe outside you. How everything starts with positive thoughts, although it is hard to remain in this state because we became disillusioned when things do not happen as we imagined them. Positivity and negativity are like a wave, they are the troughs and crests. For instance, if you are celebrating because something good happened, other people might try and negate that. He said what everyone wants is happiness, but we place too many conditions on being happy. Modern lives are stressful and hectic and this can take away our happiness. Arka mentioned that trying to control the mind just creates more stress. He 5 5 May 2017 5 likened the mind to a torch, which you can put on any object and focus. We cannot even have complete control our own bodies. For instance, when we eat, our food is automatically digested. So in a way, you could say nature is working for us, it is certainly helping us. He said the body contains all subjects you can think of such as engineering, art, physics etc. Arka eloquently elucidated that if you think too much about the future, you miss the present moment then you become anxious and stressed. Sometimes, when faced with making choices, your intuition can be more helpful than just thinking. Arka said the body is always in the present moment but we often live in the past or the future and we love to talk about those tenses. He said the truth is, we exist in the present, breathing is in the present and the body is measuring everything precisely in the present. There are also body truths not only 6 spiritual truths. He mentioned we have to cross examine ourselves and this is where Arka Dhyana comes in. The first necessity for Arka Dhyana is to be comfortable and just to be there, then you can experience timelessness. It was not important the duration of your meditation, just to meditate as long as you want. Even seeing someone else in meditation can have a calming effect on us. This is why there are statues of the meditating Buddha in spas. The one topic everyone is interested in is 'Atma Vidhya', knowledge about the soul. This is what Arjuna asked Krishna for in the epic Bhagavad Gita, once you have gained that knowledge, you do not have to learn anything else again. This knowledge is 'Atma Vidhya'. After gaining this knowledge you feel fulfilled and can connect with many topics. 

There was a very active question and answer session. One question was about how to be more aware of the present rather than thinking about the past too much or worrying about the future. Arka’s response was that at a certain time in life, it was normal to reflect on past events. To become more aware of the present required cultivation over time. His practical suggestion was to be more conscious of breath, but without forcing it. The mind works in a contrary fashion, if you say, ‘I will indulge you for four hours’, it will say ‘I cannot do this’ after a short time and so you must try and get your mind to cooperate with you. He said the body is always in the present so although the mind is reflecting on the past, the breath is from the present moment. So body truth was as much a reality as spiritual reality is. Another question was about how to overcome memories of unpleasant events from the past. These events interfere with enjoying life fully. Arka’s response was encouraging as well as practical. He said the key was timely attention to the problem, to allow the problem to come through. It may need focused attention a few times, but, once it was addressed, it would help it not to become as frequent. The evening ended with a lovely surprise celebration for one of the members of the audience and concluded with singing. So the whole evening was a celebration for the mind, body and spirit.

Highlights of the talk

  • Spirituality is the essence of our being. It is something everyone can relate to but difficult to define. This essence is qualitative.
  • Spirituality is not related to religion. It welcomes everyone to explore it.
  • You have to decide where you want to project your consciousness. You have complete freedom to choose to live a life that is purely physical or a heart-based life, or any other way you choose. Depending on your choice, this will become your destiny, your path and it is what you will become, what you envisioned.
  • Nature is more than the landscape outside. It supplies us with strength and knowledge to do whatever we want. To us it may seem incomprehensible and imperfect but everything is perfectly engineered in nature because it has abundant knowledge.
  • We have many desires but they are fulfilled on the criteria of eligibility and deservedness. If you have these, good people and success will come to you.
  • There is a universe within you just as there is a universe outside you. When you close your eyes and go deep inside, you can connect with it.
  • Everything begins with positive thoughts although it is difficult to remain in this state, because negativity and positivity are like a wave, there are troughs and crests.
  • If you think too much about the past or the future, you miss the present moment. This can create stress and anxiety. This can take away your happiness.