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Life is Consciousness

Life is consciousness and consciousness is life. Commonly, humans have an extra ability to raise their conscious awareness of their self and the world outside. Awareness is simply active consciousness being the externalised effect of consciousness itself. If consciousness is compared to a flower then its awareness is fragrance. Consciousness in a person is established with his presence of some life-response in the body and in being. if like flower. There is no one narrow method or way to raise our conscious awareness but there are myriad ways. It all starts from one’s inner mind and data gathered from the sensations of senses.

First feeling, then thinking and questioning then back to the inner mind for contemplation then return with reflections which is a process of raising conscious awareness. That is why it is named “The Centre for Conscious Awareness”. Everything begins from us and concludes with us. We need to grow more responsibly both empirically and metaphysically, and then we can find answers, more clarity, solutions to global problems and cures to major illnesses.

Many are still living in the poorest of conditions (without shelter, food and drinking water). They cannot afford to visit cities of their own country. We can enjoy wealth meaningfully, when we help those who do not have it. CCA worldwide is committed to helping individuals to become realised of their potential and intuitive abilities. We reflect people with wealth how they are capable of transforming many peoples lives, and those in poverty how they can become resourceful by developing their emotional strength, structural consciousness via constructive discussions, question and answer sessions, self-contemplation and cross examining their approach to life and learn more from sharing our knowledge and experience.

We train people to develop a more positive attitude toward life through interactive sessions. We practically care for the environment by being careful of how we live, how much we consume and its purpose. Our true joyous satisfaction is derived out of serving those in need.

CCA helps individuals and communities to raise conscious awareness about their unique inner nature and to understand how everyone and everything is interconnected. Every individual has the potential to change and transform for the better and contribute more toward collective growth of humanity. With which we will have effective awareness about plants, animals, environment and our precious planet.  It is evolutionary to think We can influence the universe with our thoughts and emotions to reflect upon us with higher knowledge, health and fulfillment.