Monthly Event News: 1 May 2014

CCA Monthly Event

The 'Raising Conscious Awareness' event on 1st May 2014 was one that enabled us to develop our understanding about our true selves as well as respecting and understanding the views of those around us.

We commenced the evening by listening to the thought-provoking recording, “Mind, the thinking entity,” by Srinivas Arka.

“There is no limit for our inner consciousness, for our Self. But we draw our limits with our thinking mind. We create lots of boundaries and barriers artificially with our exaggerated physiological mind and we can become suffocated and trapped in that so much that we halt our growth.

The thinking mind is so powerful. It has tremendous influence on our bodies with its thoughts, as thoughts have energy which can alter the chemistry of our body and can change physiological processes.”

With fresh thoughts in our minds about the potential we as individuals possess, we were ready to begin our debate: ‘The UK should introduce capital punishment’. The attendees of the event opted for whether they were FOR or AGAINST this notion and soon enough the debate was in full swing. We probed the idea about whether justice systems have been established out of a desire for rehabilitation or out of a desire for retribution. The conclusion? Both sides stood unified agreeing that retribution was not the intention and that rehabilitation was the ideal but may not always be realistic; or perhaps a glorified term for a stalemate - agreeing to disagree.


CCA Event: 1 May 2014