Monthly Event News: 3 Apr 2014

CCA Monthly Event


The event started with a brief introduction of what the Centre for Conscious Awareness is and the purpose of the monthly events, which comprises arts, education and meditation; as well as a platform for people to share their talents and skills, giving a chance for people to express themselves and in turn help others to develop.


CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic1 CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic2


Talk on Veganism

Mr Nitin Mehta, founder of the Vegan Society, delivered an insightful talk on the responsibility each of us has to the planet, and how modifying our diet can improve our health as well as have respect for the environment we live in. This talk was followed by a short video about ill-treatment of animals. The talk led to a discussion with Mr Mehta by the audience, whereby they considered the benefits as well as disadvantages of soya in the diet.


CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic3 CCA Monthly Event 3 April 2014 - pic4


Violin Recital

A beautiful violin recital was presented by Niru and Nish. The songs they played were uplifting and calming.


Dhyana demonstration

Then followed a description of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation, a method comprising the three main elements, breath, touch and sound; and an explanation of its benefits. There was a brief demonstration wherein the audience participated as well.



The evening concluded with a vote of thanks to the presenter and music performers, following which some light refreshments were served.