Monthly Event News: 5 Jun 2014

A Comedy of Wills

The CCA Event on Thursday 5th June 2014 was a spectacular night filled with lots of engagement, laughs and knowledge. The evening started off with our guest speaker, Mr Shundip Shah, giving a profound talk and presentation on the benefits of having a will. Mr Shah engaged with the entire audience while they all silently listened to his professional expertise and reasoning as to why having a will was so very important. Mr Shah explained the trouble one may face when trying to write their will or be a party to a will, in addition to the benefits of having a will. At the end of the presentation, the audience mirrored Mr Shah’s enthusiasm and asked a variety of questions and posed a number of scenarios one may face. Mr Shah tackled all questions and provided insightful answers to all.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014 CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

The evening then took a funny turn. We were welcomed by comedian and entertainer, Mrs Beena Tanna. The hall was filled with the sound of laughter. Mrs Tanna made a capturing opening and the audience were at their most innocent level while laughing uncontrollably. Mrs Tanna provided upmost entertainment and was delightful follow on from Mr Shah.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014 CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

CCA went on to conclude the evening calmly and peacefully by Mr Dharmesh Kotecha demonstrating an inspired piece of a fine intuitive meditation method, referred to as Arka Dhyana. There was active participation by the entire attendees and the atmosphere was filled with four wonderful sounds which echoed through the hall and the audience. Mr Kotecha enticed all with his peaceful yet powerful demonstration and left an invisible yet positive footprint on all that attended.

CCA Monthly Event: 5 June 2014

CCA North London holds an event on the first Thursday of every month with different guest speakers and performers accompanied by light, healthy and delicious bites. CCA gives organisations, businesses and people the platform to shine and share their knowledge and talent with those that attend as well as spreading their word. CCA continues to help and promote the inherent positive potential of others, as well as taking an active part in the community. The event is held at North Harrow Methodist Church, Pinner Road, London, HA2 6EQ and starts at 8 pm.