Monthly Event News: 7 Aug 2014

Educational. Entertaining, Enlightening

This month’s CCA event encapsulated all three of our fundamental aims.
We were joined by Mr Mehul Shah who spoke to us about how Chi Kri yoga can help improve our lives health-wise. He explained and demonstrated exactly how this form of yoga is a combination of spiritual, mental, physical - where all components can work in harmony for us to lead a well-rounded existence. His passion for the subject shone through, so much so that he had us all up on our feet committing to a few simple yoga methods.

Our feeling of wanting to be up on our feet was not short-lived when Riddhika Joshi performed a beautiful vibrant dance.

The evening then graced us with a tabla and harmonium recital that we will not forget. Mr Ramesh Vekaria and Mr Suryakant Varsani shared with us their adoration for music and the core teachings behind the sacred sound of the harmonium and tabla. The performers were adorned with further requests to continue playing while they filled the room with the soothing sounds of both vocal and instruments.

This month we were very lucky to be joined by the founder of the charity, Srinivas Arka, our gift to the evening, filling our hearts with his everlasting words of inspiration. He explained how we all have a purpose on this earth and that we have a duty to evaluate our presence and find our depth and our understanding at the bottom of our feeling heart - this we can find by giving to Nature.

Write-up by Vaishali, London


CCA North London holds an event on the first Thursday of every month with different guest speakers and performers accompanied by light, healthy and delicious bites. CCA gives organisations, businesses and people the platform to shine and share their knowledge and talent with those that attend as well as spreading their word. CCA continues to help and promote the inherent positive potential of others, as well as taking an active part in the community. The event is held at North Harrow Methodist Church, Pinner Road, London, HA2 6EQ and starts at 8 pm.