Monthly Event News: 9 Jan 2014

The Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) held its first monthly event "Raising Conscious Awareness" in London.

It was an inspiring evening consisting of Artistic Talent Performance and Arka Dhyana. The event began with an introduction to the CCA by one of the members, outlining the charity's aims and aspirations, with acknowledgement to those who have contributed to the beginning of these series of events.

This was followed by an introduction to Arka Dhyana, theory and practice conducted by a trustee and member of CCA. This introduction outlined the various stages of Arka Dhyana and the importance of using the sound of our voice, breath and touch while accessing the different energy points in our body through this method. The audience was invited to take part in the demonstration, which made it practical and interactive.

Members of the audience who had already been practising Arka Dhyana gave a few personal accounts of their experiences, and how the process can be used to enhance various aspects of life.

This was followed by a beautiful clarinet recital by Narmathan Rajeswaran, giving the event an artistic and soothing touch. The evening concluded with good wishes and thanks, and the members of the audience left with a content heart.

The CCA shall aim to continue to spread its objectives and practices through these monthly events.
The next event is on the 13th of February.