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Understanding Consciousness: Wellbeing, Emotions and Conflict taking place in Mysore on 9th and 10th Jan 2018

From Tuesday 09 January 2018
To Wednesday 10 January 2018


Dear Colleagues,

We have great pleasure in informing you that the 43rd CICA International Conference on Understanding Consciousness: Wellbeing, Emotions and Conflict in collaboration with Centre for Conscious Awareness Global will take place in India, in the Mysore area, from the 9th to 10th January 2018 (arriving Monday 8th - preconference welcome supper).

Many of you might not know that it was in a CICA conference in Seville, in May 1986, where scientists from various continents and disciplines came together and elaborated a statement known as the Seville Statement on Violence. In a nutshell they all agreed that it is scientifically incorrect to say war and other violent behaviors are in our genes. This was a great step forward at the time. In Paris 1989 it was endorsed by the General Conference of UNESCO and gave rise to the UN Program for Culture of Peace.

Although there are still many issues around violence, aggression and conflict to be solved, in this conference, instead of looking at these aspects directly, we again want to turn the tables around and to look predominantly at the nature of Consciousness within that context. The prime mission of the Conference will therefore be "understanding Consciousness".

In addition, it will also include the relationship of Consciousness to wellbeing, emotions and conflict. To do this we would first need a working definition of consciousness and this is not so easy. Whereas in the West there is no consensus on the nature of consciousness and its seat is mainly being sought in the brain, Eastern countries like India have studied consciousness for thousands of years and approach it from a phenomenological perspective. This explains why we have chosen India as the place to host the conference in the hope of establishing a more comprehensive understanding between these different perspectives.

Our aim is to create an environment where Eastern and Western scientists can exchange views, investigations and a dialogue into the different ways of studying consciousness. Although we welcome research based on a phenomenological approach, we also hope to attract research that uses the scientific method.

We do not restrict this conference to only the understanding of consciousness, but it is also open to how it is related to wellbeing, its the role and relationship to emotions and conflict, either of an inner or outer nature. And, as it has always being the norm in previous CICAs, oral and poster communications on any other topic related to conflict and aggression are also welcome.

CICA has always supported an interdisciplinary approach. Consequently, we hope that scientists of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds will be attracted to address our topic from their perspective, so as add richness and interest to the subject.

We expect that the fruits of this conference shall give birth to a scholarly publication similar to those of many past CICAs (see

Scientists who would like to be a passive participant at the conference are also most welcome. There will be place for a limited number of students interested in the topic, too.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is November 1st 2017, and early-bird registration at the CICA is October 15th 2017. However, we would appreciate if you inform at your earliest convenience, of your interest in participating, in order to keep you informed of updates and helping us to calculate the most appropriate size for the venue.

For people interested in attending the conference or knowing more about it, please submit a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with the following contact information giving name, Institution, email, subject (such as "I am interested in the conference but not yet ready to register- pleased keep me posted”) and if you have any question, please include that as a message.

Location : Mysore India
Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .