Our Trustees

Chairman and Founder:

Srinivas Arka


Andy Williams


Kelly Lall

Membership Officer:

Dina Magdani

Our other Trustees:

Surjit Lall
Sanjay Magdani
Dharmesh Kotecha

Trustees Meetings are usually held on the third Sunday of each month, and everyone (Trustees, Members and non-members) is welcome to attend. For details of this month's venue, please see the Events page.

CCA Trustees



Chairman and Founder

CCA Chairman and Founder Srinivas Arka is a philosopher, author, humanist and an inspirational speaker known around the world for his lectures that have inspired people to elevate their consciousness.




Andy is the CCA secretary. Andy worked for 38 years with a major communications company, mainly in Sales and Service, and more recently in a training role. He is now pursuing an alternative career in IT. He is an accredited trainer, specialising in computers and IT and his hobbies include travel, walking, music, photography, reading, computers and American football.




Kelly is the CCA Treasurer. She has over 15 years experience in Accountancy and has worked for various Corporate Companies. She recently set up her own practice providing all aspects of accounting to small and medium companies.



Membership Officer & Assistant Treasurer

Dina is the CCA Membership Officer. Dina says that being a CCA trustee has helped her to realign negative thoughts and feelings to achieve positive results. This has also helped her to build a solid foundation for approaching challenges, which we face in our daily lives. The CCA has inspired her to do more than just a daily life routine, but to further her knowledge and skills in other fields.




Elected as a trustee at the 2010 AGM, Surjit says: "I look forward to helping the CCA in terms of its growth and development as it reaches out to all individuals, races and communities in which they live to work with and enable those individuals and communities to discover their inherent and unique positive potential. From my own perspective, having achieved self fulfilment, personal development and growth through the CCA and its founder, Srinivas Arka, world renowned Philosopher, Scholar, Spiritual teacher, Master and Inspirer, a Modern day yogi as he is called and well known, the CCA has much to offer as it seeks to improve the lives of those living in varying communities and environments both at home and abroad.


One of the many ways in which the CCA seeks to do this is through enabling them, as it has with me, to achieve self fulfilment through the study of the mind and experiencing the complimentary role of the emotional heart where intuitive consciousness blossoms. If I can impart some of my knowledge gained, individuals and the CCA will blossom as I have."




Sanjay is an Accountancy graduate currently working within the professional services industry focussing on Banking and Finance. He welcomes the opportunity to bring his skills and endeavours to this enlightening charity, where his remit currently sits within our Marketing division. He recently assisted in organising a dinner and dance event and is working on several plans for fund-raising. His hobbies include sports, keeping up to date with financial affairs and gaining further self-awareness.




Dharmesh is a chartered accountant and has over ten years experience in accountancy and finance. He has assisted many charities in various financial aspects and fund raising events. He is also a trustee of another charity, as a treasurer.

In his new role as a trustee, Dharmesh is keen to provide his experience into any aspects of the running of CCA to help the charity move forward in achieving its aims and objectives.