Talk by Founder: 20 Jul 2014

Highlights of the Event

On Sunday 20th July 2014 Srinivas Arka gave a talk at the W.I. Hall in Solihull which was entitled “Reflection of Environment upon us” and the event was well attended.

Some key points were that what we say and think is reflected back to us. Nature is watching, observing and reflecting back. When we say good things about others, it is because we recognise that in us. We should learn to discover the unique qualities of others. Also, we cannot understand everything but that should not stop us from learning. In addition, there is magic in humbleness as opposed to ego and thinking that you've achieved so much.

We should allow others to blossom in our presence. It is an honour to do so. We should practise humanity and celebrate every happiness, as without happiness we cannot grow.