Team CCA & AMG play a ‘friendly-competitive’ football match

With all the hype around the professional footballing campaigns going on internationally, Team CCA/AMG, on Tuesday 8th February 2011 decided to join in and put on what hoped to be a footballing exhibition (or not)! With all the practice sessions taken place on Sunday mornings, spirits were high and confidence was growing as kick off became imminent.


Playing in charitable spirits with the temperature at sub zero, 5 minutes had passed and Team CCA/AMG had taken the lead. A well-engineered ‘pass and move’ play allowed Tanguy (our star striker) to slot in from close range. Was this to be the first of many!? It was – but NOT for our team.


Before we knew it the final whistle had blown and we were on the receiving end of a 10-3 thrashing! Some team members put it down to lack of outdoor practice for us, and coming across a team who have played consistently on astro-turf for a few years - twice a week.


I personally, felt they got lucky and we were playing on empty bellies!! We’d have shown them had we have played at 8.30 in the morning on a Sunday!!!

All in all we showed moments of good teamwork and thoroughly enjoyed what will be our first of many ‘friendly-competitive’ football matches, both indoor and outdoor.

Go Team CCA/AMG – well done!


Editor for the 1st article, Sanjay Magdani (Midfielder, Defender, Goal-hanger – and still didn’t score!). CCA Marketing team member.