Who we are

CCA is wholly and deeply committed to helping individuals through practical philosophical training programmes to build their own knowledge, confidence and assist them to develop their structural and rational consciousness - which is an aim of CCA is that individuals can achieve a balanced approach towards understanding the external world and experiencing their inner intuitive consciousness to gain wellbeing and continued peaceful progress. This in turn will naturally contribute to the development of humanity and of collective consciousness, helping humanity to become more consciously aware of our universe, the relations, the meaning of life and the purpose of the questioning mind and its root.  

This is achieved not only through a rationalistic philosophical enquiry, but also by observing and interviewing individuals who have attained transformation and/or raising of self-awareness through personal inquiry and experiences. This may have been achieved through self-scrutiny, meditational study, both theory and practice or self-silent-pondering and reviewing various disciplines of philosophy including epistemology and phenomenology.

Intelligent mind and Intuitive emotion: A study of Consciousness and innovation of ways to explore both in balance. How becoming aware of the seamless duality of the inner workings and outer expression of mind (thinking and emotion) through meditational education can contribute to the expansion of self-concept. This awareness leads to deepened insights and intuitive experience of the subject’s innate unique foundational knowledge, strength and capacity, which will have a motivational impact on the body and mind, and improvement in self-management.