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We all have the capacity to tap into our unique inner nature, to find the answers to those timeless and persistent questions about who we are, what our purpose is, and how we live a more meaningful and satisfying life

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation Online Theory Course

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation (IM) is easy to learn, you can start online today, with the fundamentals in the Theory Course. 

It is important to learn the philosophy and concepts upon which (IM) is based, in order for you to understand how it works and the benefits of practicing it.

As with any e-learning course, you will need to go through 3 easy, multiple choice quizzes, depending on the level. 

Upon successful completion of all three online tests (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) you can opt for a Certificate on the Arka Dhyana Theory Course. 

The course includes:

  • 10 learning units, that lead you from the initial basics of posture and breathing into the development of your own practice and customization.
  • A step by step guide in to the 19 touch points, sounds and breathing rhythm.

Register for the online theory course for £19. 


Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation Practical Course

A useful aid in the beginning is the Arka Dhyana book, which contains illustrations and practical guidance for your personal practice.

Translated into 4 languages presents this yoga-based discipline easily for its personal practice with beneficial results by tens of thousands of people in many countries. 

step 3

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation Practice & Philosophy Course

Once you have completed the three levelsof the online theory course, a practical course will take you to a deeper and refined practice. This is accomplished with the aid of a certified instructor, currently available in 8 countries.

Click here to learn where and how to contact an Arka Dhyana trainer.

Keep on your own with your IM practice!

Don´t forget to engage with the online meditation livestream available for everyone, check coming dates:


Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation Instructor Training Course

If after completing your practical training you are interested in applying for certification as Arka Dhyana IM certified instructor, click here to see the requisites.

Have an interest in training others in Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation?

  • Attend Arka Dhyana seminars, workshops, talks/lectures, conferences, conducted by Srinivas Arka.
  • Practice Arka Dhyana for more than three years, continuously
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