intuitive meditation

benefits of meditation

Harmonising at all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, you can achieve:


Knowing one’s potential and purpose Stress reduction Effective relaxation


Like a musical instrument anyone can play and produce the melody of experience in a unique way; so too this special sound has many positive experiences to offer, according to the way one wishes to operate it”.


Maintaining memory and concentration. Better pain management. Increased ‘grounding’ and vitality.

proven health

benefits of raising 
concious awareness


Greater empathy towards other humans, plants, trees and animals.


Development of inner sense and intuitive faculty.


Complements to health, well-being and care of oneself and others.


Development of personal growth and improved ability of creative imagination.

“The beauty of this meditation is the quick results. I can literally see the changes in students – even after the first one hour session. They leave looking far more revived and positive So many students tell me that they are now able to handle problems far more easily, they don’t stress out as much with life’s challenges and they enjoy their children and their lives more, as they are more at peace”. 

Carys Grant

New Zealand – Arka Dhyana IM Instructor

“For me, meditation has always meant to control the mind and now, just when I was ready to understand other ways, this method led me directly to my heart, passing by all the rest. I don’t need to control the mind anymore because my focus and all my feelings are smoothly directed to something more important, my heart. The vastness of the universe opens for you so that all the insignificant thoughts can disappear”.

Elisa Bustin

Alicante, Spain

“This intuitive method of meditation is simple to follow, gentle and accessible to all, yet leads to profound and life-changing insights”.

Menaka Thomas

Physiotherapist Brisbane, Australia

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