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Arka UK AwardS of excellence

Each year, the Centre for Conscious Awareness awards a handful of individuals and organisations for the Arka UK Awards of Excellence in Human Development and Social Impact.

CCA recognises the achievements of individuals and organisations, locally and internationally, and looks to encourage them and others to excel in inspired service to humanity and nature. The awards process and events, like the main awards ceremony, bring people together to further grow their commitment and contribution to humanity.

Awards are given to individuals and organisations that have excelled in spiritually inspired, selfless contribution to positive human development, global wellbeing and raising conscious in the direction of peaceful planetary evolution. Recipients will have performed exceptionally in their field, working with passion and dedication but also with generosity and empathy. They will have positivity and depth, coming from a spiritual outlook, and their work will be in harmony with others and the natural environment. CCA members from anywhere in the world can nominate any deserving person or organisation to receive an award. The CCA leadership committees, guided by our founder Yogi Arka, determine who should receive an award.

The awards themselves are international and awarded to deserving people across the globe. The annual global awards ceremony is hosted by one of the national CCA organisations. The awards were inaugurated in India and the annual ceremony has been held in India in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 the awards are expected to be presented at a ceremony hosted in New Zealand. The international nature of these awards is reflected in the sponsorship of the awards and the hosting of the awards ceremony by different CCA organisations and partner organisations around the world.

Human development & social impact

our 2022 awards

This year’s awards ceremony are held on 29th October 2022 in Bangalore, in the following areas:

people, purpose and planet


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