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The Centre for Conscious Awareness is a global charity with 5 dedicated centres. We have over 5000 active members and volunteers that help with our global causes and local mission.


Mahaguru Yogi Arka


Andrew D Williams


Dharmesh Kotecha


Surjit Lall

Vishay Patel

OUR global

Enabling individuals and communities to discover their unique positive potential.

Become aware of the connection with Nature and the Universe.

And achieving self-fulfilment through study of the mind and experiencing the complementary role of the power of emotion and the individual’s intuitive faculty to overall well being. 

Global vision

Every effort is being made in our society to make people more intelligent.

Our vision is to help everyone become consciously aware of their innate intuitive knowledge lying beneath their intelligent mind and remind them not to forget to experience their profound presence of energy, activity and consciousness in their hearts as well.

To help everyone know that as individuals we are truly connected with nature and the universe. Realization and experience of this can help us appreciate and celebrate life fully, feeling abundantly resourceful as part of the bigger universe.

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The Centres for Conscious Awareness (CCAs) are a constellation of registered charitable organisations across the globe , that actively study and research the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, and its extent, including its relationship with the external world.

We are constantly looking for individuals who would like to help the organization achieve its objectives.